Homeschooling on Summer Break!

Just because your kids are on summer break does not mean that schooling should stop. I remember growing up and my dad made sure that my education consistently evolved rather weekday, weekend or summer. At first I hated it because I felt like it took my time away from playing, but my dad got creative and even involved some of my friends so that it became fun and I looked forward to it every day. Continue reading


As a black mother, my heart pains every time I turn on the news. Mortuary and funeral business is raking in at an all-time high. We are losing our children left and right. If it’s not at the hands of this treacherous beast named Cancer then we are losing them at the hands of gun violence. R.I.P. and R.W.G. is becoming a coined phrase among our youth. You are seeing more young people filling funeral parlors than anything and I can truly say that this hurts.. Continue reading