Hey, my name is Keira and I am a mother of five children, two boys and three girls. My journey to becoming a mother was filled with excitement, sadness, worry, and all other emotions that come along with being responsible for a life other than your own. As the years went on and my family continued to grow, I learned to absolutely adore motherhood. With the stereotypes and misconceptions about motherhood I was scared to even take advice or to reach out for help; this was the first mistake that I made as a parent. Too scared to bring the pettiness of my issues to my parents, I decided to ‘attempt’ modeling parenthood from my mother and father. With a little trial and a lot of error throughout life I realized that talking to people with the same/ similar issues made parenting a little easier for me. Therefore putting drive behind me in creating “The Village”.


The Village is an online community that is the base and platform for parents of color to share, learn and build from one another.


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