Black Love….I wish you a Happy Anniversary!!!!

Excited to wish this beautiful black couple a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! They are a wonderful example of a black love. I can’t say enough about these two. Wonderful family, loving children and great people to know……I introduce to some and others know her as Brown Mamas founder Muffy Mendoza.


So Fresh……So Clean!

I am excited to announce the family of the month. This family right here stepped right out of Essence Magazine. Everytime that I see them, they are 3 generations of smooth. The head honcho I like to reference as mama, she keeps everyone in check…yes, even me…..but she is so welcoming and loving and her smile is wonderfully contagious. The second queen, the mother of these 3 beautiful children…Honey, she is a hair and fashion diva. She can dry, fry and lay to the side (as they used to say back in the day). She is a burst of sunshine and a wonderful mother.  The smile of this beautiful little girl is genuine, she is truly a beautiful and well-mannered blossom. Speaking of well-mannered, these two young men are well spoken and momma taught them respect of a woman early….chil’ just know…momma got some Casanova’s on her hands.

I am so excited to feature this family not only as my family of the month but a wonderful family to know. I get upset when I don’t see them at Congolese dance class on Mondays.

I announce to some and familiarize to others…….

The Ford Family!

Thank you Ford family for being apart of The Village and for being a fine example of a beautiful black family.

Always remember……….Love, Power, Respect and Family!


Family is like a tree….It will bend but not break- Nigerian proverb

When I see this family I see strength……. Strength of a powerful black family. Knowing this mommy in the light of “taking it to the hoop” and “3 point shooter”, I was not surprised to see the strength come off court into raising and blossoming her family. The steadfast love between dad and mom is setting the firm mold for their 2 boys and adorable, spoiled princess. I can truly say that this photo of this family truly speaks a thousand words. Three words being….Strong Black Family. I am elated to announce to some and familiarize to others…………… The Frye Family!

Thank you Frye family for being a part of The Village.


Always remember Love, Power, Respect and Family!

This Love……..

Love……Excitement……. Joy……Happiness…….FAMILY! This family right here is the model of true happiness and fulfillment. Elated by the contagious joy on the children’s faces and warmed by the love and peace on the faces of mom and dad, you can’t help but to love this beautiful black family. I would like to introduce this family to followers of The Village…….Ladies and Gentlemen……The Benton Family.

I am excited to have them as a featured family, as their family…..the whole family, are good people.

Always remember Love, Power, Respect and Family!


I was on my lunch break and I happen to glance across the street and see what looked like a photo that I would see in Essence or Ebony Magazine. This beautiful black family was flawless. From the naturalistic wrap on mamma’s head and statement wooden earrings to the strong locs and authentic beard on dad….they demanded respect as they crossed the intersection and they showed unity.These children were adorable and wonderfully behaved, I couldn’t help but to ask them for a photo. I was on a time schedule and from the looks of it so were they. Unfortunately I was unable to get their names. So if anyone knows this wonderful family please comment their name below so that I can at least feature this family properly.

I am so excited to have them as our first family feature. Hope to catch you and your family out and about!

Love, Power, Respect and Family