Confessions of a Broke Parent:Part 1

Hi My name is Keira and I am a broke Mom……….. (Here is where you respond with the monotone..Hi Keira). I am lower class working mom in the year of 2014 where everything is high and you really have to decide between gas in your car or milk, eggs, cheese and bread. I know…..I know there are people who are worse off and I’m not trying to slight anyone who is in a worse situation. Just putting it out there and shedding light on the understanding that as parents we give all that we can give with what we have.

Living from pay to pay is just not the lyrics of Marvin Gaye or any other R&B song but reality to a lot of African-American families. To have a comfortable life and live with what you have, you have to learn how to ‘stretch a buck’. I for one will try to cut as many financial corners that I can as well as the old “rob Peter to pay Paul” trick but the realness of it is living on a budget has to be a lifestyle not a temporary fix.

Anyone that knows me understands that I am very frugal with my funds. I am a champion thrifter (which I know is not a real word), and a non-ashamed coupon user. I will stand in the line at any store and look for coupons on my cell phone or store price comparisons. I very rarely purchase things that are not on sale and I do my best at over stocking my cabinets so that I have enough bulk to feed my tribe of 5. I use to stand in line and blush from embarrassment of using coupons. But now I wish I would hear a sigh or comment from someone in the line about my use of cost minimizers……..I would…….recommend a way that they can save (insert laughter here). I don’t go to the extremes in which I know there are some extremist out there but I do believe in working with what you got, again….stretching your buck.

I’m sharing my confessions with you to let you know that you are not alone in this ‘lower class struggle’ and that any tip or advice (keep in mind I’m not a professional or licensed psychologist) that I can give I will. So I will post my ‘Broke Parent Confessions’ at least once every two weeks and if you have one….. I would love to hear from you.

One thought on “Confessions of a Broke Parent:Part 1

  1. Although, I am not a parent, I definitely feel you. In fact, I applaud you for “handling your business” with a family and kids. You go girl!
    Always a friend,

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