Black Parent Confessional………

Forgive me Village, for I have sinned…….Who am I fooling…. we have all committed parent crimes. When I first became a mother, I was appalled at the fact that I had to take care of a human being with no instructions or manual. I would have at least appreciated a ‘How To’ tutorial. But reality set in and I realized that I had to improvise and sometimes do things that was……..unorthodoxed. I have been the parent that caught a jitney with my child on my lap and I have been that parent that wiped my kids hands clean with a baby wipe or sometimes the bottom of my shirt. I may have got the side eye or even advice from an elder that caught me but I realized that the ‘shortcut’ way of things, in some situations made my life easier.

Know I know that I am not alone in this confessional and that I am among many of parents that can admit to their imperfections of parenthood. I would love to hear your confessions and do a part 2 list (I promise I will not list any names). Here are a couple confessionals that my close friends and I participated in:


Black Parent Confessions Starter List:

  1. Played the quiet game with their children
  2. Used the bottom of your shirt for boogies
  3. Gave your child a baby wipe bath
  4. Let your son pee on the side of the road during a road trip
  5. Used your saliva as a form of cleaning sleep off your child’s face
  6. Licked a ‘Binky’ clean
  7. Moved up bedtime so that you can get peace and quiet
  8. Tried out baby food just to convince your child to eat it
  9. Breastfed in the passenger or driver seat of a moving vehicle
  10. Bribed your kids with food/candy to be quiet
  11. Make your kids lie about their age to get the kids meal/ kids price

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