Confessions of a Broke Parent Part II…….I’m Broke and I Know It!

It took me a long time to realize that couponing wasn’t just for the elite but for those who needed to save money and indeed my family fit into that category with no question. With five growing children and a dog, I found that my grocery budget fluctuates like a Verizon bill (that is ‘sick of paying bills’ humor). Now I admit some months are better than others, for my family the winter time is always the most expensive. Those 2 hour delays and school closings surge the bill up.

I tried my hand at couponing a few times but got discouraged due to lack of ‘couponing know how’. I’ve tried to attend couponing classes and ask around about couponing tips and still I found myself stuck and frustrated to say the least. Within so many times of throwing in the towel, I was laying across my bed one night flipping through the channels and found a show with a black older lady that was discussing couponing. She was being interviewed and I tuned in as she was talking about how she came to couponing. She had 8 grandchildren who she ended up taking care of due to family situations and she didn’t qualify for welfare and she found herself in a sticky financial situation.

She ended up teaching herself the ins and outs of couponing and as she stated ‘save a few coins in her pocket’. She was showing different savings and receipts and in one shopping trip she saved $400.00 (yes I typed it right). Her total was $407.18 and her total due after coupons was $7.18, I had to sit up to make sure I was reading it right. Her husband had to create a storage space in the basement to keep up with the stockpile that she was accumulating which already partially filled a room. I was so captivated by her methods that I watched the whole 2 hour long segment. That night, I decided that I was couponing, no ifs, ands, or buts.

Her main tips and the process that I follow are (by the way I have saved up to $200.00 in one trip):

  • watching circulars
  • knowing stores couponing policies
  • cutting coupons
  • reading the coupons to know what you can or can’t do
  • have a couponing buddy
    • to swap coupons
    • share savings
    • encouragement
  • know your resources (these are resources that I use and they work for me)

It is time consuming and can be discouraging at times but the goal is saving money. Just keep your focus and perseverance. See you out and about and happy couponing!

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