The ‘Black Girl Magic’ movement, created by CaShawn Thompson, was created to show the beauty, power and resilience of black women. We are recognized 365 days in my book and in my small world but I appreciate and respect Cashawn’s ability to knock on the door and bring in the bang and boom! Black girl magic has been around for years and has been overlooked and taken advantage of for years. Everything we do have been emulated and we have not been given the credit for it. ‘The struggle is real’…..is defiantly a statement that was made to describe the hustle of a black woman (wombman).

Black girl magic to me means so much, putting it into words would have me typing and you reading all day! There is so much to say that just saying a little is saying a lot. I admire and aspire the greatness of the Black Woman and I never take this gift for granted. That is why I would like to (and hope you all do as well) give my contribution on #blackgirlmagic:

Black Girl Magic is……. the smell and feel  of grandma’s house, the smell of cooking Sunday dinner, the sound of music as you and your best friend is dancing to the jams, the feeling on laying on momma’s lap, the tone of momma’s voice as she gives you advice on a situation, the feeling on playing ‘it tag’ on a Saturday morning with neighborhood friends, the vision of seeing the hustle and determination of a black woman, the atmosphere of a black woman giving birth to her child, the celebration of life for our elders that passed onto ancestors, the feeling of spirit of the African drum……..black girl magic to me is from the time a black woman wakes up to the time she closes her eyes….I see you black girl…..work your magic!

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