7 Tips That Can Save Your Child’s Life.

Child abductions and child abuse (sexual, verbal and physical) are happening in our communities every day. As mommies, daddies, care takers, family and community…we should have open communication with our children about safety and warning signs that they should be aware of. When it comes to sexual abuse, parents tend to stray away from those topics because they are sensitive in nature. But none the less they are very essential conversations to have. No topic is too sensitive or not necessary to have.

These things could be the saving grace that saves your child’s life.

Here are 7 tips that are simple but lifesaving:

#1: Do not personalize

Parents, as adorable as personalized things can be for our babies, it is also an easy way to get them lured away.

#2: Code Word

Have a code word that you and your children can use in event of emergency or danger. Don’t make your code word extreme so that someone knows that you’re using it but something as simple as “Can I use the red fork for dinner” Red Fork being the code word.

That code word can be used if you send someone to pick them up from school, or if they have to hide or duck in event of immediate danger. Also as code word can be used if they are feeling uncomfortable (sexual abuse or attempt).

#3: Focus and Remember

Teach your child to focus and remember something in every surrounding that they are in or on the person they interact with. In event that something occurs, it makes it easier to either identify that person or place. Example: tattoo’s or street name

#4: Opposite

If your child is being followed by a vehicle, tell your kids to turn and run in the opposite direction. It will buy sometime for the car to turn around.

#5: Momma always saves the day

When in trouble, inform your children to run to a mother with kids. A lot of times there is not a safety person (police officer/security guard) everywhere that you go. So the next best thing is a mother with kids. Keep in mind a mother’s first priority when it comes to kids is safety. Helping them delineate who might be safe beforehand can save critical seconds when they are in danger.

#6: Loose your manners

 Tell your children that if a stranger tries to take them – all manners are out the window. Tell them that they are allowed to hit, scream and make a scene. Knock stuff off the shelf or screaming in the middle of the store is guaranteed to get someone’s attention.

#7: Trust

Letting your children know that there is a time and place for play. When they are out and about, they have to be aware. You have to be able to trust that if they are giving you a warning sign, that it is something that you know is real and don’t have to guess if it is real or play.

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