That’s just my baby’s daddy!

No daggers thrown to B-Roc and The Biz, but that phrase has caused quite a stir in the African American communities across the nation. The phrase ‘baby daddy’ places a negative connotation in people’s minds, especially in the corporate world. Not to say that the phrase is a false statement but the way that it is used and thrown around is not good. We are not naïve to the fact and we all understand that sometimes two people cannot make it work and the unfortunate thing is that there are children involved. Rather you end your relationship on a good note or a negative one; you both still carry the role of mommy and daddy. But the most important thing is to be mothers and fathers.

What’s the difference you may ask………nothing really, just the time invested in the child’s life. I do believe that anyone can be a mom and dad just as long as the proper parts on the body work, but to be a mother is a full time commitment and being a father is just as equal. No parent should do more or less that the other, unless the circumstances work out that way, but the love and support of the child should be equivalent.

As a race, a community, a village we should charge ourselves and one another to respect the placement of the other parent. My children’s father…….My daughters mother…….My sisters son’s father…..sound so much respectful and open ended. People will always assume what they want about your life but the less ammunition you give them the better. When you show respect towards the other parent you are showing the child/ children the proper way of handling parenthood even through broken relationships.

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