Daddy…..The Beautician!

I am delightfully tickled to see fathers doing their daughters hair. It brings me joy to see a lot of the attempts at ponytails and curls. I was riding the bus one day and witnessed a father sweating and completely focused on putting two ponytails in his daughter’s hair. She kept asking “Daddy are you done yet” and his response was “hunny I’m trying to get it like mommy does it.” I could not contain the smile that spread across my face as I tried not to make it seem as if I was laughing at the situation but actually enjoying the effort he was putting forth.

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That’s just my baby’s daddy!

No daggers thrown to B-Roc and The Biz, but that phrase has caused quite a stir in the African American communities across the nation. The phrase ‘baby daddy’ places a negative connotation in people’s minds, especially in the corporate world. Not to say that the phrase is a false statement but the way that it is used and thrown around is not good. We are not naïve to the fact and we all understand that sometimes Continue reading