Daddy and Mommy’s Night Out

I just recently had a conversation with a close friend of mines about going out. Funny thing is we haven’t been out in so long that we had the slightest clue where to go. Having your marriage and your kids take precedence over you ‘night life’ is what’s most important but it doesn’t mean that every now and again you don’t want to kick up your heels and dance or drink.

For myself, I am not a drinker, smoker or a person who likes hard rap so places to go in Pittsburgh are limited. I love music and I love dancing so I look for places that have an atmosphere that allow me to enjoy music without getting busted over the head with a chair or being in the middle of a territorial beef.

Here are a few places that can help you with that partying itch:

Ava Lounge

720 Records

Cj’s (30 and up)

Rivers Casino Spiral Bar and Drum Bar



These are just to name a few. I know that there are so many more. I you know of any places that you would like to share…….let me know.

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