Hello……..Is There Help Out There?

Losing your job can be disappointing, but having children and losing your job and health insurance can be devastating. You never really know the impact of health insurance until you don’t have any. As adults we can try to fend for ourselves but our children, dealing with the germs in daycare and kiddy cooties……….need healthcare. Depending upon the situation, state assistance may or may not be an option. Don’t be discouraged……. there are options out there.

I know a few people that attempted to take advantage of Obama care. 4 out of the 6 of them claimed that they could not afford the monthly co pay. The other two are utilizing the healthcare with full time employment and seem to be able to pay. Most people, who are reaching out for help, need it. Our ‘system’ has become so greedy that they do very little informing on outlets that can help the lower/ poor class citizens.

Walking into a hospital and asking about payment plans and asking about clinics can sometimes help but most hospital and doctor visits want their money almost immediately after the service is performed. There are sliding scale clinics that are out there that are based on income and can provide service for the whole family. A lot of the doctors are paid by a third party resource so there is no decrease in quality of care that they provide.

Catholic Charities Free Health Care and Squirrel Hill Health Clinic are just two of the options for free sliding scale clinics. Here are two websites that might be of some help for insurance needs.




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