My View On Spanking

My name is Keira and I am a parent that spanks! I truly believe that if you spare the rod that you spoil the child. In terms, do not be afraid to discipline or the child will learn to run over you. Spanking is a form of discipline and not the end all be all of discipline. So it is not your only resort. I’m truly not into telling people how to raise their children so this is not a “reality check”. Neither am I a parenting expert or a psychologist. But I do have at least 12 years of mothering skills under my belt and I have been a victim of “2 cent parenting judgment.” We all know that sometimes we see situations where discipline can be excessive but on the flip side to that coin we also truly don’t know the situation. No… there is never a need for abuse but do parents really know where to draw that line.

There is a difference in children exhibiting ‘children’ behavior and children being misbehaved. As parents, we know our children well enough to know when they are acting out of character. When that change is noticed immediate response in most people is disappointment, annoyance or impatience. From that point those things then turns into anger, which in my opinion is when the situation has went too far.

People handle situations in different ways in which you would handle them. So jumping into situations is something that I was raised not to do. But in my own situations I have learned to put my intolerance in forms of levels. 1st level: stern look and warning, 2nd level: warning and explanation of discipline…etc. Knowing your limits and your tolerance level is important. Things that can tip the scales from discipline to abuse can start when your tolerance level is pushed to anger. These are something’s to think about before that point:

  • Defining the difference in chastising a teen and disciplining a child
  •  Is physical punishment necessary in this situation?
  •  Calming yourself before the discipline
  • Is the child/ teen clear of why they are being disciplined?
  • Did you make your expectations of them clear?

There are so many ways to approach the discipline situation. I just wanted to start this conversation to put my thoughts on this matter out there.

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