As a black mother, my heart pains every time I turn on the news. Mortuary and funeral business is raking in at an all-time high. We are losing our children left and right. If it’s not at the hands of this treacherous beast named Cancer then we are losing them at the hands of gun violence. R.I.P. and R.W.G. is becoming a coined phrase among our youth. You are seeing more young people filling funeral parlors than anything and I can truly say that this hurts.. Continue reading

All the Single Folks…All the Single Folks…Put Your Hands Up…uhhh ohh ohh………..

Getting back out and dating after a long term relationship or marriage can be difficult. Especially when there is a child or children involved. What makes it so rough is that you have to find someone not only who is willing to accept you, but a person who is willing to accept you and your children. Continue reading

My View On Spanking

My name is Keira and I am a parent that spanks! I truly believe that if you spare the rod that you spoil the child. In terms, do not be afraid to discipline or the child will learn to run over you. Spanking is a form of discipline and not the end all be all of discipline. So it is not your only resort. I’m truly not into telling people how to raise their children so this is not a “reality check”. Continue reading