No media challenge……..Accepted!

Hey villagers, my family and I have challenged ourselves to go a whole day without media. No television (what…….no SpongeBob and no Bubble Guppies), no radio/music (which was a challenge for me), no phones (withdrawal for my 12 year old and husband), no tablets/ computers…… media. I can’t say that it started out perfect, but it ended wonderfully. I was so excited to see that my children were getting along and could hold a conversation without their heads submerged into the phone or tablet.

My girls helped me cook and clean and my son found productive things to do around the house such as cleaning the dogs bowl, collected the trash and set it outside, etc. Once we were done with the work, we enjoyed playing board games and Lego’s . Now don’t get me wrong, there were a couple……..awww who am I fooling….. I meant to say a lot of arguments, disagreements and time outs but with multiple children all that was expected.

Overall, everyone including the dog seemed shocked of how much fun we can have when we cut off outside interferences. I think that we will be incorporating more ‘no media days’ into our monthly routine.

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