Coughing, Sneezing, Scratching, Crying………UGH!

Village………being a parent can be a yucky job! Beyond changing diapers and getting peed on occasionally, there is so much more that we are facing. These long lasting colds that are lasting past 30 days and Scabies that are being passed throughout the schools…….I can’t find enough face mask and rubber gloves to get me through. One thing that will help in addition to bleach and Lysol disinfectant is being educationally equipped.

A lot of these infections and sickness are brand new. Enterovirus, H1N1 and Scabies just to name a few are all things that are new to me but are on the rise here in the US. Now there are some sicknesses that you just have no control over like childhood cancers and other immune attacking diseases. But the things that you can control need to be immediately addressed and can be taken care of before it is even truly a problem.

Wait……….What you talking ‘bout Willis!

I’m saying that there are ways that you can prevent your children from being attacked by these bad bacteria and diseases. Now in my opinion (My opinion is not those of the US of America but the opinions of Keira….proper disclaimer) a lot of these diseases come about and enter the system by weaknesses in the body that are being made weaker by diet, unnecessary immunizations, and lack of nature’s defenses that belong in our body. Here are something’s that may help:

1. Educate yourself on the things that are out there….the source of it and what can cure it “naturally”
2. Understand and educate yourself on the things that are being offered to your children such as what is being offered to your child for lunch and the reasoning behind pushed immunizations
3. You can never be ‘too clean’. Make sure that disinfectants become your best friend…..I know bleach is my bff.
4. Don’t be afraid to ‘walk in’ on your children……..(again…. Huh). Yes……I said it….make sure that during bath time or changing time that you focus on marks, bruising, discoloration, bumps or anything on your children’s skin that wasn’t on them when you gave birth to them.
5. Pay attention to what your children are eating…too much of the wrong food going in and not coming out (I will leave that up to your imagination)
6. Proper hygiene of self and others around them. I understand you cannot control other people but its okay to remind someone to wash their hands.
7. Being too friendly……Ex: wiping their nose on the back of their hand and then sharing a snack with another kid. Educate them too on how to take care of their selves and how not to spread sickness…….even if that means keeping them home from school

First step in becoming educationally aware:

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