Hey Family…….

Today I am issuing a challenge! What kind of hoopla is that you may ask? No it is not the hype challenges on social media such as the ice bucket challenge, put yourself to sleep or the cinnamon challenge. But it is a challenge that the whole family can participate in.

This new challenge is called the Family Challenge. No there is no prize or recognition when you complete it; there is no fame or water cooler talk about the best one. All it entails is:

Take 1 to 2 days out of the week to do this challenge

You and everyone in your household will break away from:

All Social Media




Unneccessary Communications (cellphone gossip, Sending selfies, texting Shay Shay, etc)

All that is required is family and time. In that time you and your family can choose to:



Have a much-needed conversation

Build a tent out of covers and chairs

Go outside and go to the park or just run around outside and play

Play board games

Cook dinner together

Etc. (The possibilities are unlimited)

For your second week, I will ask you to cheat. I will ask you to post a picture up in the group of your Family Challenge and let us know how it goes and is going.

What is the challenge for and what difference will it make it I join this challenge?:

The challenge is to help strengthen our families and allow there to be some one on one time between the children and adults. I am aware that you need your phone in case of emergency or work but this challenge is to dwindle down the need for social media over our children. Our children are crying out…..crying out in the school, home and everywhere else for our attention….rather you want to acknowledge it or not. This new generation is facing a totally different demon then what we were facing growing up. Yes we dealt with gangs and drugs but these upcoming youth (yes, our children) are facing so much more. Do not allow your children to be statistics because you could not make enough time to pay attention to your children, their behaviors and habits. Spending time with them is not putting up and occasional picture of them on Instagram and bashing their non-custodial parent of Facebook. Watching a movie, dancing with them and doing their hair for 2 hours is spending time with them but not the necessary time needed to listen to the cry of hurt or just hear a misunderstanding of life. It will not always be a cry…. sometimes it will be the confirmation or ‘pat on the back’ that you need to hear to let you know that you got this parenting thing ‘in the bag.’

My name is Keira and I accept this challenge

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