5 Questions to ask your child’s teacher during the end of the school year.

School is out soon…..the kids are on a long-awaited summer break but as parents and caretakers…. we are not. It would be nice wouldn’t it? Even though school is about to conclude, we have to remember to continue the communication with the folks that they are with 8 hours out of the day, 5 days a week. Continue reading

Summer Food Program

Citiparks Summer Food Service Program provides healthy and delicious breakfasts, lunches and snacks to all children up to 18 years old as well as mentally disabled individuals up to 21 years old.

This service is made possible by funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture through the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Continue reading

It’s that time!!!

I remember growing up and patiently waiting for our pear tree and our grapes to ripen. I loved the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables. I’ve grown to realize that a lot of our fruits and vegetables have pesticides and hormones in them and they seem to go bad so quickly. A top of that I’m not a fan of melons and fruits without the seeds in them……I just got fed up with supermarket fruits and veggies. I found reprieve in going to the Farmers Market. If anyone else feels the way that I do or just would like fresher fruit and would like to attend these local farmers markets, here is a local listing for Pittsburgh, PA: Continue reading

Confessions of a Broke Parent Part II…….I’m Broke and I Know It!

It took me a long time to realize that couponing wasn’t just for the elite but for those who needed to save money and indeed my family fit into that category with no question. With five growing children and a dog, I found that my grocery budget fluctuates like a Verizon bill (that is ‘sick of paying bills’ humor). Now I admit some months are better than others, for my family the winter time is always the most expensive. Those 2 hour delays and school closings surge the bill up. Continue reading


As a black mother, my heart pains every time I turn on the news. Mortuary and funeral business is raking in at an all-time high. We are losing our children left and right. If it’s not at the hands of this treacherous beast named Cancer then we are losing them at the hands of gun violence. R.I.P. and R.W.G. is becoming a coined phrase among our youth. You are seeing more young people filling funeral parlors than anything and I can truly say that this hurts.. Continue reading

My Hoopty Rolling….Tailpipe Dragging, Heat Don’t Work…………

We all have had our fair share of vehicles. Rather they are not the best working or the fact that they are just too small for our big or growing families. Due to this being the beginning of the New Year and the start of tax season, a lot of families are looking for the perfect vehicle to get their family from point A to point B and off of public transportation (we all know that lugging kids on a full bus is in no way shape of way fun…an adventure but not fun).. Continue reading

So Fresh……So Clean!

I am excited to announce the family of the month. This family right here stepped right out of Essence Magazine. Everytime that I see them, they are 3 generations of smooth. The head honcho I like to reference as mama, she keeps everyone in check…yes, even me…..but she is so welcoming and loving and her smile is wonderfully contagious. The second queen, the mother of these 3 beautiful children…Honey, she is a hair and fashion diva. She can dry, fry and lay to the side (as they used to say back in the day). She is a burst of sunshine and a wonderful mother.  The smile of this beautiful little girl is genuine, she is truly a beautiful and well-mannered blossom. Speaking of well-mannered, these two young men are well spoken and momma taught them respect of a woman early….chil’ just know…momma got some Casanova’s on her hands.

I am so excited to feature this family not only as my family of the month but a wonderful family to know. I get upset when I don’t see them at Congolese dance class on Mondays.

I announce to some and familiarize to others…….

The Ford Family!

Thank you Ford family for being apart of The Village and for being a fine example of a beautiful black family.

Always remember……….Love, Power, Respect and Family!

Holidays are about family…..”No stress….Zone”

Tis the season…….for bills, debt and an amended 2014 law of Newton “What goes up must come down and When it rains………”. Everyone wants to discuss holiday cheer but the reality is not always cheerful. About 60% of African American families worry about making ends meet for and after the holidays. Rather you are a single mother of 2 or a co-parenting family of 6, society has a way of making this particular time of the year one we come to dread instead of celebrate. Continue reading