Happy Thanksgiving!

This Thursday a lot of us will be amongst family and friends getting ‘turkey and cranberry wasted’. But there will also be a lot of villagers that are not able to afford that same luxury or have a lot of family to celebrate with. In the opinion of most, Thanksgiving is a pagan holiday….. but take advantage of it as another opportunity for family to join together around the table. Family dinners are the staple of black families. We must continue to do so to keep the families strong rather you can do it on your own or you need some assistance.. Continue reading

Black Parent Confessional………

Forgive me Village, for I have sinned…….Who am I fooling…. we have all committed parent crimes. When I first became a mother, I was appalled at the fact that I had to take care of a human being with no instructions or manual. I would have at least appreciated a ‘How To’ tutorial. But reality set in and I realized that I had to improvise and sometimes do things that was……..unorthodoxed. Continue reading


Family is like a tree….It will bend but not break- Nigerian proverb

When I see this family I see strength……. Strength of a powerful black family. Knowing this mommy in the light of “taking it to the hoop” and “3 point shooter”, I was not surprised to see the strength come off court into raising and blossoming her family. The steadfast love between dad and mom is setting the firm mold for their 2 boys and adorable, spoiled princess. I can truly say that this photo of this family truly speaks a thousand words. Three words being….Strong Black Family. I am elated to announce to some and familiarize to others…………… The Frye Family!

Thank you Frye family for being a part of The Village.


Always remember Love, Power, Respect and Family!

Coughing, Sneezing, Scratching, Crying………UGH!

Village………being a parent can be a yucky job! Beyond changing diapers and getting peed on occasionally, there is so much more that we are facing. These long lasting colds that are lasting past 30 days and Scabies that are being passed throughout the schools…….I can’t find enough face mask and rubber gloves to get me through. One thing that will help in addition to bleach and Lysol disinfectant is being educationally equipped.

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Hey Family…….

Today I am issuing a challenge! What kind of hoopla is that you may ask? No it is not the hype challenges on social media such as the ice bucket challenge, put yourself to sleep or the cinnamon challenge. But it is a challenge that the whole family can participate in.

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All the Single Folks…All the Single Folks…Put Your Hands Up…uhhh ohh ohh………..

Getting back out and dating after a long term relationship or marriage can be difficult. Especially when there is a child or children involved. What makes it so rough is that you have to find someone not only who is willing to accept you, but a person who is willing to accept you and your children. Continue reading

RADical Days are here!

FREE!……..I know that caught your attention because it caught mines. This year RAD days are going full throttle for 20 days. I have attended Pittsburgh RADical Days for 3 years and I enjoy it. I agree it can get crowded late in the day and certain events are in the morning so you can miss out on things if you are a working parent but I still find time for me and my children to enjoy the FREE events they have to offer. Hope to see you out there…….