All the Single Folks…All the Single Folks…Put Your Hands Up…uhhh ohh ohh………..

Getting back out and dating after a long term relationship or marriage can be difficult. Especially when there is a child or children involved. What makes it so rough is that you have to find someone not only who is willing to accept you, but a person who is willing to accept you and your children. Continue reading

Black Marriage is Fighting Extinction!

I was excited this time last year to go home and find engagement announcements and wedding invitations in the mail. This year I had the privilege of attending 4 cultural weddings, that by the way were amazing, that confirmed my excitement even more. Previously, I was a little nervous that marriages among heterosexual black couples were being phased out. I began to notice a pattern of friends, families and associates that are in 5, 7 and 11 year relationships as just ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’.  I am not in the position to judge anyone Continue reading