No media challenge……..Accepted!

Hey villagers, my family and I have challenged ourselves to go a whole day without media. No television (what…….no SpongeBob and no Bubble Guppies), no radio/music (which was a challenge for me), no phones (withdrawal for my 12 year old and husband), no tablets/ computers…… media. Continue reading

Coughing, Sneezing, Scratching, Crying………UGH!

Village………being a parent can be a yucky job! Beyond changing diapers and getting peed on occasionally, there is so much more that we are facing. These long lasting colds that are lasting past 30 days and Scabies that are being passed throughout the schools…….I can’t find enough face mask and rubber gloves to get me through. One thing that will help in addition to bleach and Lysol disinfectant is being educationally equipped.

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Hey Family…….

Today I am issuing a challenge! What kind of hoopla is that you may ask? No it is not the hype challenges on social media such as the ice bucket challenge, put yourself to sleep or the cinnamon challenge. But it is a challenge that the whole family can participate in.

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RADical Days are here!

FREE!……..I know that caught your attention because it caught mines. This year RAD days are going full throttle for 20 days. I have attended Pittsburgh RADical Days for 3 years and I enjoy it. I agree it can get crowded late in the day and certain events are in the morning so you can miss out on things if you are a working parent but I still find time for me and my children to enjoy the FREE events they have to offer. Hope to see you out there…….

Back To School!

Hey parents, it’s that time of year! The time of year other than Christmas that we break the bank for clothes, shoes and hair appointments. I know cause I am broke and not a happy camper because I had to send off 4 kids. My children’s school dress code is uniforms so the majority of my budget went to khaki’s and polo shirts while the other went to school supplies.

But besides the sarcastic complaining I wanted briefly speak on keeping focus on our children, their education and the elements around them during the school year. Continue reading

These are children! Our Children!

It took me to get older, wiser and become a mother before I could fully understand my parents’ rules of being in the house before dark, the inability to hang out and do what other kids my age were doing, the multiple phone calls I had to make to check-in whenever I was out or why I could not stay over a friend’s house.   Of course at the time, I felt my parents were being overly-protective and hindering me from enjoying my childhood.  I now realize and truly appreciate the efforts my parents put forth to love and protect me during my younger years.

Trevon Martin, Michael Brown, Leon Ford and Leroy Powell are all young African American males whose  lives were affected by guns. Continue reading

My View On Spanking

My name is Keira and I am a parent that spanks! I truly believe that if you spare the rod that you spoil the child. In terms, do not be afraid to discipline or the child will learn to run over you. Spanking is a form of discipline and not the end all be all of discipline. So it is not your only resort. I’m truly not into telling people how to raise their children so this is not a “reality check”. Continue reading